3 sleep apps on sale right now


Stress is impossible to avoid, but many of us tend to just accept it as the cost of doing business or as a regular part of living in this modern age. It’s easy to let all that stress pile up, but it won’t come as a surprise to anyone that excess stress can be harmful to your health

These three apps offer easy, accessible daily meditation and breathing exercises to help you manage your stress and get better sleep — and they’re all on sale. (Relax, we got you.)

Aura Premium: Lifetime Subscription — 83% off

Aura is one of the top apps in the Apple Store, created by meditation teachers and therapists to help you reduce stress and improve your mental healthAura offers guided meditation in three, seven, or 10-minute increments, and actually tracks your progress to start suggesting more specific meditation exercises as it learns your mood patterns. You can program it to send you daily reminders to engage in calming breathing exercises, and you can save an unlimited number of meditations to listen to whenever you need them. It’s like having your own tiny wellness coach on speed dial. Normally a lifetime subscription to Aura sells for $499, but you can get unlimited access fur just $79.99 while it’s on sale. Read more…

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